Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company founded in 1995, following changes in policies of Islamic Republic of Iran government based on private sector fostering and entrusting some sectors of economy to non-governmental organizations and different areas like representing services to different sectors such as agriculture, industry and trading.
In Research and Consulting part, this Company gives valuable information in different aspects of consulting comprising marketing, business, economy and management. Nowadays, success of enterprises in business and trading area is depended on different economic and organizational management and this Company represents consulting services to firms and organizations by giving ideas and guidelines.
Project Management part of Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company, involves all elements of a project life-cycle and extensive experience of our expertise across a wide range of industries encourages cross fertilization of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques. Project management, program management, project recovery, strategic project planning and programming and project support are the cases involved in this part.
Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company as a multipurpose complex has represented many services towards inputs and raw materials supply for industrial and agricultural units. Also export of factories and large agricultural units to other countries is one of the other activities of this Company.
Expertise of this Company in Agriculture part of the Company give services like crop management consulting, agricultural mechanization strategy, soil and seeds management, forestry, strategic analysis, business development, planning and environment, project management and landscape services and park designs.
Investment part of Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company represents useful solutions in development and use of capital and support of investment. Individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and different institutes can benefit from corporation’s services in this part. We offer incomparable solutions in areas such as capital preservation, investment cycle, business process redesign, methods of analysis, investment strategies and risk of loss and financial planning for executives.
Iran Technical Complex established in 2010 is an institute supported by Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company provides educational services for senior managers and entrepreneurs. Azia Publications publishes professional books under support of Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company. Azia Publications founded in 2012 backed by scientific and experimental trends of a group of expertise and interested people in history, culture and geography of different countries and regions in the world.
Atlas Azarabadegan as one of the subsets of Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company established in 2013 aims to produce herbal products and exploitation of herbal plants. Concepts like high quality, good output and cost management are the main cases in managers’ plans.


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