About Us

Corporate Overview

Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company develops, implements, and supports wealth solutions.

Our primary objective is to provide professional, individually-tailored investment services to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit organizations, and institutions. We seek to understand the personal goals and unique circumstances of our clients, designing every portfolio indeed every decision to meet those specific needs. Our professionals have the experience, expertise and resources to help you create and implement a disciplined financial plan.


We work with companies that we believe have the potential to reshape the market in which they operate or indeed to create an entirely new market. We construct investment portfolios tailored to each clients specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. The advisor acts as the architectof the financial plan.

The financial plan is the blueprintthat is used to create a design that reflects the goals, objectives, and dreams of the client.

The advisor is able to create the structure that incorporates all areas of the clients financial and life goals based upon experience, understanding, and creativity.

As with any building project, a "Critical Path" must be developed based upon the priorities of the client and the planning sequence that is required to develop an accurate model.




Our mission is to fundamentally change the way that investment management services are delivered to clients, fostering a more efficient operating model and delivering more sophisticated investment strategies to meet a wider variety of client needs. We enable financial advisors, sponsors, and product providers (managers) to better collaborate in delivering superior investment solutions to their clients. As a firm, we seek to foster an entrepreneurial culture focused on integrity, innovation, respect for employees, exceeding customersneeds and adding real value.


Our culture is based on values that reflect who we are as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We are driven by what we do with a continuous ambition to learn and improve ourselves. We have defined our values as an organization together, and we strive to live and work by them as a team.


We like to undertake new professional challenges and ventures while being accountable for what we do. We are business-oriented and we not limited in terms of taking measured risks while exploring new opportunities.


We want to be the best at what we do: in our work, in managing our business, and in delivering results for our clients and investors. Excellence is driven by our team, who will always strive to be at the leading edge of the industry.

Openness & Transparency

We do not create barriers in our working environment, or in the way in which we communicate internally and externally. Doors are always open and everyone has a voice.


We base our internal reward and recognition on demonstrated ability (merit), talent, competence, motivation, and effort.


We have the ability to deal and adapt to all kinds of circumstances and situations with investors, clients, and employees. We care about people's personal circumstances and every individual's personal situation during and after working hours.


Investment Philosophy

Preservation & Growth

At this company, we invest for the long term. Our first priority is always capital preservation. We utilize rigorous fundamental analysis to invest in high-quality companies with identifiable prospects for earnings growth, when they can be purchased at what we believe to be reasonable valuations.

Our investment philosophy may be summarized by these five tenets:

Capital Preservation. To preserve wealth, we begin by setting asset allocation guidelines among equities, fixed income instruments and cash. Each portfolio is structured to conform to a clients tolerance for market volatility, investment time horizon, income needs and tax considerations.

Reasonable Prices. To moderate risk and achieve better capital appreciation in our equity portfolios, we adhere to a strict pricing discipline. We buy quality growth companies at what we perceive to be reasonable prices, providing a margin of safety.

Ineffectiveness of Market Timing. We do not believe that it is possible to predict future stock market movements with any degree of consistency; thus we do not operate as market timers. Rather, we rely on the specific asset allocation guidelines that we establish for each client, review these guidelines on an ongoing basis and make individual judgments to suit the needs of each client portfolio.

Diversification. Prudent diversification to moderate risk is reflected in all our portfolios. We hold different positions diversified among attractive industries, depending on the size of the portfolio.


Our investment strategy is to focus on companies looking for growth capital to expand their businesses, as well as to participate in selected larger buyouts. We are seeking to invest in companies with established business models that need both financing and engaged, value-added shareholders to help take them to the next level.

We are looking for companies in which we can add significant value through our expertise as well as our relationships. We will also invest in selected larger buyouts where our industry expertise will allow us to be a value-added partner in a larger consortium.

The Investment Cycle

The unique benefits arising from the synergies of our integrated business model are leveraged at every stage of the investment cycle, ensuring a competitive advantage for all of our investments.

Opportunity Identification
Ability to identify key trends in the industry at an earlier stage, and their impact on investment opportunities


Due Diligence & Structuring
Industry expertise allows you to better identify risks and opportunities
On-the-ground presence in a wide range of markets allows you to better assess market conditions, risks, and issues

Investment Decision
·         Superior decision-making ability resulting from our industry and financial expertise

·         Access to key industry players in order to validate hypotheses and opinions


Investment Management

·   Ability to add value both operationally and strategically by deploying resources within portfolio companies when required

·   Creating value by introducing portfolio companies to contacts in our regions that could be potential customers or stakeholders


Exit Strategy

Unparalleled access to potential industry buyers through our network of relationships with companies, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals


Business Process Redesign 

Our Business Process Redesign Service works cooperatively with you to identify, develop, and implement strategic operational improvements with maximum benefits in resource-management, service quality, scalability, and competitive positioning.

We design customized solutions for firms of all shapes and sizes. By applying our proprietary SMART (Staff Modeling and Analytical Reporting Tool) application, we create the foundation for firms to take actionable and sensible cost-savings steps that deliver results.


Investment Process    

We use an investment process that blends top-down economic analysis with bottom-up fundamental analysis to construct portfolios that are designed to achieve superior results over long term market cycles.

We start with a quantitative approach to determining when to overweight equities or bonds. Additionally, we review internal and external valuation models to determine what equity to bond ratio your portfolio should hold. These results are then overlaid with where we are in the economic cycle. We then review the logistics of how current market dynamics may affect asset classes and sub asset classes within your portfolio.

After this analysis is complete, we use quantitative measures to make sure we have your portfolio optimized, given your risk and return objectives. After positions are established, we monitor your portfolio to ensure we are both proactive and protective in managing your account through all market cycles.


Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss

Each of our clients has a unique set of investment goals and objectives.  Asset allocation is, therefore, the first step in determining how the client’s portfolio or portfolios are structured in order to take into account a client’s goals in regard to capital preservation, growth, income, taxes and risk.  We seek to design a portfolio that is tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

Our portfolio managers strive to make wise and well thought out investment selections that meet our clients’ goals and risk profile.  In so doing, we strive to manage the inherent risks in investing in stocks and bonds and at the level which our clients understand and are prepared to accept.  But, it is important to emphasize that investment performance can never be guaranteed.  Investing in securities involves risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear.


Financial Planning for Executives

Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company recognizes that when it comes to corporate sponsored financial planning, our first priority is our executive planning client – who expects and deserves objective, independent, highly personalized financial planning advice. ATIDS offers that advice in a manner that reflects the corporate sponsor’s interest in retaining key executives while maintaining the integrity of the planning process.

Every company, as it approaches a liquidity event, has an army of advisors—accountants, attorneys, and investment bankers. This company provides the financial planning strategy and advice to help executives understand, plan, and maximize the liquidity event.

We can help balance the individual’s concerns with the company’s interests. Our planning process is sensitive to HR concerns such as:

How to keep employees from being distracted or burdened by the IPO process, so that they concentrate on continuing to build value for the company.

-  How to help employees make sound decisions regarding investments, taxes and wealth management, without getting into the business of giving financial planning advice.

How to manage the company’s risk of executives finding themselves in trouble with overly aggressive trading strategies, margin accounts and inappropriate levels of debt.

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