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Project Management

About Us

Our core business involves all elements of a project life-cycle including feasibility studies, capital justifications, front-end engineering and detailed design, right through to full turnkey project completion. Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries encourages cross fertilization of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques.

Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company is a leader in providing project management and management consulting services. Established in 1995, ITIDS' project management offerings include: complete project management outsourcing; managing projects; providing project resources; implementing and operating project management offices; business process transformation; post implementation reviews; and portfolio management.

Our Mission Is...

To transfer Knowledge, provide Leadership and deliver exceptional Results to our clients.

We Achieve Our Mission By...

Building and fostering long-term client relationships that exceed expectations for quality, flexibility and service. Our effectiveness is a product of our work practices where we will lead by example, maintaining and improving our own business management systems. Our energy comes from our work, which is respectful, rewarding and fun, providing opportunities for learning and growth.

Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage through improved project planning and control techniques. Our flexible combination of project management services is tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Our project management consultants can work with your existing project office to identify opportunities for greater efficiency and better results.

The project management services we provide will enable our clients to achieve a competitive advantage through the effective utilization of project planning and control techniques. Our strategy is to partner with our clients to deliver a flexible combination of services that are tailored to their needs.

We drive the whole process taking care of everything from preparing the brief and analyzing and advising on risk and associated issues to helping appoint the project team, briefing them fully, agreeing and issuing specific procedures and managing development of phased programs. 


Project Management

Modern sophisticated client organizations demand a more integrated and effective approach to the management of their projects. No longer is the requirement limited to the completion of projects on time, within budget and with the requisite quality and functionality, clients are now also seeking risk mitigation and certainty.

Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company provides the highest standards of project management. We achieve this by utilizing our world-wide specialist resources, expertise and extensive experience. We believe we can provide the breadth of vision to plan and control every aspect of the project management process from concept definition to project delivery to operations and maintenance and, where appropriate, decommissioning.


Program Management

We offer expertise in program management across a broad spectrum of projects around the world, from infrastructure development to health services delivery. Our services range from high-level program management and business planning for major multi-nationals to small-scale projects for individual customers.

Program management encompasses all aspects of management and co-ordination through the entire development process from studies, planning and design to implementation, start-up and operational support. Our experts set and monitor clearly defined work stages and if required propose alternative solutions to maintain schedule.

We also establish cost plans and cash flows, incorporating all relevant costs. Actual costs, variations and projected costs are monitored and constantly updated to ensure the vital aspect of management information out-turn cost is readily available and understood by the customer and all key players.

Our services are likely to include:

Management and co-ordination of the entire program of works

Program schedule creation, monitoring and appraisal of work stages and milestones

Propose alternative solutions to maintain schedule

Establish cost plans and cash flows and monitoring regularly

Communicate clearly to all key stakeholders particularly the client, program team and contractors


Project Recovery

There are many reasons why a project can go awry, be it the wrong initial approach, poorly defined objectives, or inadequate execution. Unless remedial action is taken, there is the risk that these projects will not reach an acceptable conclusion for any participating party. ITIDS undertakes project recovery commissions to help our clients realign their projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Our approach normally involves a:

Comprehensive project review to identify existing problems, whilst anticipating and pre-empting potential threats

Key issue identification and prioritization of issues, to identify actions, and target resources

Project realignment with the needs of the business.


Strategic Project Planning and Programming

Project success is attained by the application of resources to achieve the project aims, in accordance with measurable objectives, and as assessed against defined success criteria.

Critical to this is the definition of the requirements in order to define the key performance indicators for the project or program of works to be undertaken. At strategic level, this requires high level planning, stakeholder management, goal definition and programming of resources to achieve the desired outputs.

Over the years Iranian Trade and Industry Development and Studies Company has gained a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of clients across many markets. We're able to field world class teams capable of assisting our clients to deliver their strategic visions, either as part of their in-house teams, or as specialist delivery teams brought in specifically to work to identify and deliver projects.


Project Support

Some projects require a specific focus on single aspect of project management. ITIDS' project support services allow clients to leverage our experience and expertise to perform project specific functions.

Solution Offering

The following are a few of the project support services your KLR team can provide:

Project Audits assess a particular project to confirm probability of success.

Risk Assessments review risks on higher risk projects, establish strategies for dealing with risks

External Risk Management provide full risk management services outside of the immediate team (for very high risk projects)

Post Project Reviews independent view of how you did including assessment of business outcomes.

Project Management Mentoring / Coaching work with your developing project managers to enhance their abilities while increasing the probability of success on a project

Project Rescue Services reviewing challenged projects and repositioning them by re-scoping, changing team members, re-positioning expected business outcomes or shutting them down

Organizing Seminars and Conferences

Organizing seminars, conferences, symposiums and training workshops provides tremendous opportunities to academic and scientific community to share their scientific knowledge, research outcomes and business function. This also helps promote research culture in higher education institutions. This corporation encourages institutes, organizations and national and international universities to display their academic and economic achievements at national and international forums. Our main goal is to organize exhibitions, conferences and seminars corresponding to strategic and financial aims of various organizations and firms.


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